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This course is a standards-based study of fundamental chemical concepts, such as atomic theory and its relation to chemical behavior, nomenclature, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, molecular kinetics, energy relationships, solution dynamics, acids-bases, equilibrium, organic and biological chemistry, and nuclear interactions.


Students will be responsible for completing 3-5 hours of assignments outside of class each week. The primary learning opportunities will be through reading the material or watching video lectures, answering critical thinking questions, and completing chapter assessments. In class, the opportunities for learning will mostly consist of lectures, discussions, group activities, and lab experiments.  This yearlong course provides 60 hours of personal instruction time with over 25 wet labs. This course fulfills both the college laboratory science requirement and the high school physical science graduation requirement. 


Required Textbook: Modern Chemistry: Student Edition (free digital version provided by instructor)
Suggested Textbook: Modern Chemistry Interactive Reader This text is only $15 at Amazon. It doubles as a workbook and can be used with the online version of the textbook.
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