In this class, students will investigate the amazing world of interdisciplinary science. During each class, we will concentrate on moving through the steps of the scientific method through a variety of STEAM experiments and projects. Students will conduct real world investigations as they test their hypothesis and designs. Students will ask questions and solve problems with chemistry, physics, and engineering. 

Chemistry meets Physics in Bubbleology: Exploring these perfectly spherical, transparent, yet reflective, clear but colorful objects can teach us about limits of geometry, the light spectrum, and molecules in motion. 

Physics meets Engineering in Crash Science: During this unit, students will learn how today’s engineers are building safer cars, houses and more by understanding impact forces, motion, and work. Students will design and engineer their own safety products using hydraulic power, simple and complex machines.

Biology meets Chemistry in Crime Lab Science: In this unit, students will solve mysteries with dynamic methods that real forensic scientists’ use in the field. 

Exploring Science