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This Physics course will balance a conceptual study of physics with quantitative problem solving that is demonstrated in a consistent, four-step method. This method provides students with a framework that helps them solve problems effectively – from identifying givens and unknowns and making a diagram to evaluating the answer. In class students will listen to lectures, engage in activities and experiments, and solve problems. In order to provide students a well rounded curriculum, Jared Wright, one of Bluedoor Education math instructors will guide students through math specific portions of the course while Katie Burns will be facilitating discussions and many  lab activities.



Students will be expected to complete 3-5 hours of homework each week where they will read chapter information, watch video lectures, complete digital lessons, take chapter questions and exams. All assignments will be managed on Schoology. 



Biology and Physical or General Science.
Completion or concurrent enrollment in Algebra 1


Planet and Moon
Required Textbook: Holt Physics: Student Edition (free digital version provided by instructor)

A digital version of the text will be provided at no additional charge.

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