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Children in nature

Summer activities in a fun, inspiring, and nurturing  environment for children 6-14 years old.

Children doing art

See chemical reactions with yummy cooking projects.

Children in gardening class

Create art with charcoal, clay, computer graphics, paper mache, and MORE! 

Children in Cooking with Chemistry Class

Experience chemistry, biology, and botany with activities in the garden.

Wildlife exploration with nature hikes through 20 wooded acres.  

Each week will include:

  • LEGO EV3 Engineering and Coding Projects

  • Coding with MIT's Scratch

  • LEGO Building Challenges

  • Graphic Design 

  • Cooking Activities (dairy free & gluten free options)

  • Gardening 101 (composting, soil testing, and planting)

  • Environmental Studies through Nature Walks

  • Survival Activities like fort building and water filtering.

  • Games, Art Projects, Drama and more. 

  • Snacks (Please pack lunch)

  • Staff of Professional Educators 

  • Low Ratios = lots of attention for each participant!


Week 1: Builder's Paradise

This week will focus on building projects with LEGOs, woodworking, fort creation, compost making, and, best of all, friendship building! Gardening, art projects, computer design, and games will be mixed in throughout each week.

Week 2: Growing Fields

This week we will plant and transplant veggies, make delicious, fun snacks, solve problems with LEGO robots, grow muscles with outdoor games, and identify many more growing plants and creatures during nature walks. Even our art projects will have plant themes.

Week 3: Everyone's a Character

Make animated characters with computer programing, make moving characters with LEGO robotics, sculpt impossible characters with clay, we'll even make fun characters out of snacks. To wrap it all up, children will put on a play to show off their amazing character. 

Summer STEAM runs 9:00-1:30 M-F   Each week cost: $185

Added afternoon play runs 1:30-3:30 M-F Price +$50 (must enroll in Summer STEAM)

Special pricing for siblings and multiple week enrollment.

Forest path

Summer STEAM Camp

Jun 11th-29th | Full STEAM Ahead Education

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