Hands-on STEAM classes for K-12 grade

All Full STEAM Ahead Classes are offered at Bluedoor Education Center.
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Flexibility - Rigor - Accountability

At Full STEAM Ahead, we recognize that there is not one set path for success, but each person must find their own best path.


Our goal is to prepare students for success. We offer an array of classes that fuses media and hands-on labs. Each class presents material appealing to different learning styles: kinesthetic, visual, and auditory.  Online lessons and virtual demonstrations, blended with in-class projects and labs, allow for flexibility while ensuring accountability to help students learn to manage their time.


We offer online classes and blended online + lab classes. Your students take the labs at learning centers throughout the greater Sacramento area.  For maximum flexibility, we offer mobile classes to groups of 10 or more students.


We welcome and invite all students, from all races, cultures, gender identities, and creeds. We welcome all families, regardless of school affiliation. 


We accept payment for classes from charter schools and private funds. Find a list of partnering charter schools here.