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Full STEAM Ahead Wet Labs

Looking for a stand alone wet lab to meet the lab portion of your a-g curriculum? Look no further. Full STEAM Ahead offers high quality wet labs that meet a-g standards. Contact us to set up a small group lab that works with your schedule or sign up for one of our Friday labs. Stand alone wet labs coincide with our Full STEAM Ahead online classes as well as other online curricula. For a full list of programs that work well with our stand alone wet labs, click here.  

Biology Wet Lab
Chemistry Wet Lab

Full STEAM Biology Wet Labs 

Full STEAM Chemistry Wet Labs 

Biology Wet Lab

Included Labs:

  • Microscope: Structure and care 

  • Microscope: Magnification 

  • Preparing a Slide Using a Wet Mount 

  • Microscope Drawings 

  • Cell Lab: Prepare and view a Plant Cell 

  • Cell Lab: Prepare and View Parts of a Plant Cell 

  • Cell Lab: Prepare and View Animal Cells and Compare them to Plant Cells 

  • Cell Lab: Observing Chloroplasts and Cytoplasmic Streaming 

  • Cell Lab: A Selectively Permeable Membrane 

  • Mitosis Lab 

  • Bacteria Lab: Part 1 - Forms of Bacteria 

  • Bacteria Lab: Part 2 - Bacteria around us

  • Classification 

  • Protista Lab 

  • Fungus Lab: Prepare and View Mushroom Structures 

  • Fungus Lab: Prepare and View Yeast 

  • Plant Lab: Monocot and Dicot Root, Leaf, and Stem 

  • Plant Lab: The Parts of a Flower 

  • Plant Lab: Internal Structures of Monocots and Dicots 

  • Plant Lab: Plant Leaves 

  • Explore: Worm 

  • Dissection: Crayfish 

  • Dissection: Fish 

  • Dissection: Frog 

  • Dissection: Cow Eye

  • Dissection: Fetal Pig

  • Prokaryotic Cells

  • Animal Cells

  • Plant Cells

  • Protists and Pond water

  • Meiosis

  • DNA and Genes

  • Heredity

  • Disorders and Mutations

  • Natural Selection

  • Evolution

  • Ecosystems

Included Labs:

  1. Paper Chromatography

  2. Collecting Data

  3. Atomic Orbital Models 

  4. Modeling Carbonate Reactions 

  5. Electrical Conductivity 

  6. Hybridization of Orbitals 

  7. Decomposition 

  8. Double Replacement Reaction 

  9. Analysis of Hydrates 

  10. Mole Ratios 

  11. Boyle’s Law

  12. Charles’s Law 

  13. Melting Points 

  14. Freezing Point Depression 

  15. Enthalpy of Ice 

  16. Reversible Reactions 

  17. Reaction Rates, Concentration 

  18. Reaction Rates, Temperature 

  19. Solubility Product Constant 

  20. pH and pH Indicators 

  21. Titration 

  22. Molar Mass by Titration

  23. Buffers 

  24. Oxidation-Reduction 

  25. Galvanic Cells 

  26. Organic Chemistry Models 

  27. Hydrocarbon Models 

  28. Polymer Models 

  29. Cross-linking of a Polymer 

  30. Nuclear Decay Simulation

Full STEAM A&P Wet Labs 

Full STEAM Earth Science Wet Labs:

Earth Science and A&P

Included Labs:

Included Labs:

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